Class Plans
Choose a Plan
Boot Camp Three (3)  day week plan including Yoga
Limit: 4 classes per Week
Programs: Boot Camp, Yogability
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Gym Membership
Member will work out and train on thier own.  Limited to specified times. Member may train during class times; however, must give the floor if necessary to CrossFit or Bootcamp classes.
Limit: 6 classes per Week
Programs: Open Gym
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Kids Camp FULL Day
Limit: 5 classes per Week
Programs: KIds Camp
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Plan 1: Beginner's 3 sessions and first month Limited CrossFit
Initial month includes a registration fee of $150 which includes 3 beginners training sessions and initial month will be prorated if applicable.
Limit: 4 classes per Month
Programs: Beginner's Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Personal Training
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
From $295.00
Plan 2: Beginner's 3 sessions and first month Unimited CrossFit
The initial registration fee and the three ( 3) day beginner's training  sessions and Unlimited days per week. Initial month will be pro-rated if applicable.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Beginner's Strength and Conditioning, Boot Camp, CrossFit, Yogability
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Plan 3:  Unlimited Membership
Our Month to Month UNLIMITED plan is designed for our athletes who need absolute freedom to choose whatever class time, day or night.   The option benefits a shift work schedule.  You must sign in still before hand for attendance for the box purposes.

( Its the come and go as you please plan)
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Boot Camp, CrossFit, Yogability
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Plan 4: Up to Four (4) times a week
Perfect for the novice and the dedicated.  The member will choose thier class days and times. You must reserve prior to day of classes  for attendance purposes, class space and availability and sign in before class times
Limit: 4 classes per Week
Programs: CrossFit
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Plan 7: BootCamp Strength and Conditioning
Initial registration, initial training plus two days a week.
Limit: 2 classes per Week
Programs: Boot Camp
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Plan 8: Yogability
Yogability is class for all levels. While it will improve balance, coordination and flexibility; an individual will gain basic body strength.
Limit: 4 classes per Month
Programs: Yogability
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit
Plan Specials: Three Month Special
Initial registration plus three (3) beginner's sessions and three months of Strength and Condititioning Bootcamp for Winter and Summer seasons. The membership will be paid in full at a discount price listed.
Limit: 3 classes per Week
Programs: Boot Camp, Strength & Conditioning Program
LocationsMaximum Impact CrossFit